• Effective Web Development
    Business Intelligence Apps

    Ibex Data Services has taken everything wrong with web development projects and fixed it.

    Cranky, over-worked and unavailable programmers? Fixed. Mysterious, rolling deadlines? Fixed. Unpredictable errors and buggy software? Fixed. Outsourced developers? Fixed. Disorganized task lists or roaming priorities? Fixed.

    • Daily Updates - You'll know about every task touched, every day.

    • Quality Control - Every change checked before it goes live on multiple browsers.

    • Forecasting - Calculated estimates about how much work remains and when it will be done.

    • Dedication to Delivery Dates - We take your deadlines seriously.

    • Online Project Management - Access to your change requests, their status and details, 24/7.

    • Detailed Accounting - Bi-weekly detailed summaries.

    • Budget Awareness - Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Annual budgets built into our online project management system.

    • Code Versioning - Tracking every code change, every time.

    • Change Deployment - Precise, predictable delivery of changes to production sites.

    Ibex Data Services provides a revolutionary platform for returning your business to profitability. We are a business intelligence provider, developing solutions to streamline your company or organization.

    Through automated solutions, we provide businesses a powerful competitive advantage by reducing costs and creating Actionable Intelligence for your business.

    • Measurement - Automated monitors track consumption, conversion, time tracking and transactions

    • Analytics - Presentation of your processes in usable, human readable formats

    • Reporting - Customized and consumed data for executive staff

    • Colaboration - Connect your team online through data sharing, directed delivery, electronic approvals and cross-department integration

    • Knowledge Management - Consolidate structured and unstructured data into a central library of intelligence

    • Secured Access - Controling need-to-know business intelligence with authentication and approval

    • Platform Independence - Break free of single-platform requirements. Access your intelligence via mobile, tablet or desktop devices

  • What we do

    Business Intelligence
    Industry specialization
    Our unique technologies
    Your business generates a lot of information and you may not have all of the important data at your finger tips. That's where we come in.

    Your Business: Our first step is to understand your business, your industry and your staff.

    Your Process: Teach us what you do, how you do it, and how long it takes.

    Identify The Waste: This is where we'll take a critical look into areas that:

    • - Take too long
    • - Are repeated frequently
    • - Involve information that is re-used
    • - Generate a lot of paper

    Design The Application: We'll design your app for you, showing you where you'll save, how work will improve.

    Construction: We build quickly. You'll receive daily updates with progress and transparent accounting.

    Deploy: With your approval, we launch your solution and train your staff.

    Business Streamlined: Labor hours and waste reduced, tasks simplified, staff happy, business healthy.

    We've Done This Before.

    We have extensive experience at building business intelligence applications in the following industries:

    • - Aerospace manufacturing: Part manufacturing, inspection approval, archiving
    • - Process Manufacturing: Human resources, time and process tracking
    • - Concrete Testing: xLab transportation, testing, reporting and archiving
    • - Dialysis treatment: Patient treatment monitoring, reporting
    • - Media Production: Online distribution, marketing, advertising
    • - Digital Content Management: Distributed storage, transcoding, licensing and production
    • - eCommerce: Transaction processing, reporting, distribution and Order aggregation
    • - Cross-platform: We develop online and intranet apps designed for mobile, tablet and desktop access

    We Build on Smart, Open Technologies

    At Ibex Data Services, we depend on open technologies that have the greatest available transparency. We recommend and build predominately in Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP (a.k.a. 'LAMP').

    We also have extensive experience in a broad range of other technologies, be it languages, databases, frameworks and hosting solutions.

    Through our partnership with Ibex Hosting, your options are based on your needs, not what someone wants to sell to you.

  • Contact us here
    Careers at Ibex Data

    Ibex Data Services can be reached via:

    We're Always Looking for Talented Programmers:

    - PHP 5 w/ strong OOP experience, MySQL w/ some stored procedure experience
    - CSS 2, jQuery
    - Subversion

    - Must reside in continental US.
    - Focused on daily deliverables
    - Ability to successfully work with a team of programmers and project managers
    - Will not sub-contract work out. Direct-hire only.
    - Full-time availability (35+ hrs/week)

    For IMMEDIATE consideration: email us your resume and portfolio with the last 4 years of your experience

    1099 contract. NO AGENCIES. We do not outsource to non-US programmers.